Bright & Balanced

Bright & Balanced has been working  since 2002 to make you shine, through the  healthy balance achieved with our  acumagnetic accessories. The company started in Rio de Janeiro, based upon the original idea of putting magnets together to exert pressure on special acupressure points to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, memory and mood imbalances, in search of higher inner harmony and mental clarity. The first product we developed focused on the ear, and, later, on ankles and wrists. The project was extended to explore the energizing potential of rare earth neodymium magnets and include liquid containers such as glasses and water bottles. Good design and packaging add to Bright & Balanced products and unique look and feel. The company has recently moved to the US with the intention of reaching a wider range of users and developing new designs.

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AMA - Magnetic Acupressure Anklet

MAP - Magnetic Acupressure PinMOWSMAB - Magnetic Acupressure Band