No Degrees of Separation tells the breathtaking story of how Noga met her husband Alan Sklar on the Internet, in 2004, before the advent of social media or even Skype. Back then, dating websites were not only a risk, but also very rare. In a well-crafted, lyrical, almost musical account, Noga openly shares her true love story, in a text full of strength, personal bravery, passion and sex.

Surprising and emotional, No Degrees of Separation was a best selling novel in Brazil, where it was originally published in 2009, and was described as “the contemporary Song of Songs” by the writer and psychoanalyst Ana Cecilia Carvalho, who also writes the Foreword.

No Degrees of Separation is loosely based on the original dialogue the couple exchanged online, a literary piece of love writing comprised of more than 800 pages. Alan and Noga are still happily married today.

Latest Releases 

Tough Love

A legal immigrant from Brazil tells her daily experiences in the United States, as her homeland plunges into an unprecedented political and economic crisis, which culminates in the impeachment of the president. Meanwhile, she struggles to settle down in the U.S., working in both countries at the same time — through the internet — and building a house in South Carolina. In the background, history writes itself between terrorist attacks and Donald Trump’s political trajectory toward the presidency. With a sharp wit and a strong ironic tone, Noga Sklar is a popular writer in Brazil, where she is well-know as a “cronista”.

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In Welcome to America, Noga Sklar chronicles her first year as a legal immigrant in the US, including the adventure of receiving a Green Card and a South Carolina drivers license. Divided between her working day in Brazil, where she still runs a company through the Internet, and the building of a new foundation in a new country, Noga shares her deep feelings and ironic views on Brazilian and international politics, the American way of life, love and conflict, daily routine, the small things that turn each life into a meaningful, unique experience.

Noga has been chronicling her life throughout her marriage with Alan Sklar, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, in 2005. She has already published more than 3,000 pages in her native Portuguese. Welcome to America is her first book published in English.

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Making History on YouTube

Here is the video that was made in Brazil back in 2008 to promote Noga’s novel No Degrees of Separation, originally called Hierosgamos on the first edition. The title was changed to Sem graus de separação when a second edition was published by KBR.

The video had more than 100,000 views.