A Little Bit of History (Clipfit, Orgasmax)

Noga Sklar's Clipfit


The original idea of MAP was created in 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by the jewelry designer Noga (then) Lubicz, based on her previous experience with magnets. It was the first time this idea was ever considered in the entire world, although similar projects were created later, not before 2007.

The first draft showed magnetic therapeutic earrings that looked exactly like MAP today: a 4 x 2 mm neodymium nickel-plated magnet surrounded by a red rubber circle. It evolved to achieve a real jewelry look, made of gold with a star diamond, at which point it deserved a special avant-garde package created by the Brazilian designer Claudio Martins, in 2002. The jewelry collection was later expanded to include magnetic rings and an adjustable anklet, made of leather, gold, silver and a star diamond, similiar to today’s AMA, with a focus on sexual energy, appropriately titled “Orgasmax“.

The therapeutic focus of MAP at the time was on stamina and appetite control, as shown above in the “prescribing information”, one of the main focuses of the Shen Men point as well. It was commercialized mainly in gyms’ locker rooms, and Noga especially recommended its use while working out, which she still does.

To access Claudio Martins’s work, click here (look for the year 2002 to locate the cute Clipfit original box). For Claudio’s specific work with packaging design click here.

A special one-off version of MAB, made of leather, silver, gold and diamonds, was exhibited in the 2nd edition of Joia Brasil, in 2003. The retangular-shaped neodymium magnet is inside the silver box.

Joia Brasil