Magnetic Acupressure Band – MAB


The Magnetic Acupressure Band — MAB — acts combining the traditional pressure recommended in acupressure techniques with the effects of a magnetic field on acupuncture meridians. To apply, use the silicone band on your forearm, within a three-finger distance from the wrist crease and the magnet in direct contact with either recommended point  — Neiguan or Waguan — exerting pressure on the chosen point.

Neiguan and Waiguan


Neiguan is located three fingers above the wrist crease, on the inner forearm. This point is also known as the Inner Gate. It is effective to treat nausea, depression, anxiety, stress and irritability. It has a general soothing effect, and it also helps achieve a better sleep and better memory.

Waiguan is located in the position diametrically opposed to Neiguan, and is also known as the Outer Gate. It brings mental clarity and is effective in treating headaches and migraines. It calms the spirit and brings a general sensation of joy. It is also effective in the treatment of colds, constipation, finger pain and hand tremor.

Alternatively, MAB can be used to treat insomnia when the magnet is placed on the P-5 point, also known as Jian Shi, located four fingers above the wrist crease on the inner forearm.


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Keep from children. Neodymium magnets are dangerous if swallowed. Not recommended for pregnant women and pacemaker users.

Material: neodymium magnets (rare earth), silicone and epoxy coating.

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