Magnetic Acupressure Pin – MAP


The Magnetic Acupressure Pin — MAP — acts combining the traditional pressure used on Auriculotherapy techniques with the effects of a magnetic field on acupuncture meridians. To apply, place the front magnet (the one with a red rubber ring) on the Shen Men point, on the upper part of the ear (triangular fossa),  holding it in place with the thumb of the hand opposite to the ear you are using, while the other hand directs the smaller magnet to the back of the ear. The magnetic attraction will stick both magnets together, exerting pressure on the chosen point.

MAP can be used to apply acupressure on many ear points, but we focus our attention on the Shen Men, located at the top of the ear (check the ear label). Shen Men is a “Master Point”, also known as “Divine Gate”. It is usually the first point treated in an acupressure session, and it is so powerful that it treats almost everything — stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and inflammatory diseases.

It is the ideal ear point to achieve brilliance through balance.

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Do not wear MAP for longer than 3 hours per session, or until your ear feels sore.

Keep from children. Neodymium magnets are dangerous if swallowed.  Not recommended for pregnant women and pacemaker users.

Material: neodymium magnets (rare earth) and rubber.

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