Q & A

1 – What is the premise behind  B&B magnetic acupressure devices?

B&B magnetic acupressure devices are based on millenary acupressure points and techniques. The Chinese have practiced acupressure and acupuncture for over 5,000 years, as a way of keeping themselves balanced and healthy. Traditionally, acupressure uses finger pressure and special seeds to reach its therapeutic goals. B&B saw the potential of using technologically advanced neodymium magnets to replace finger pressure, seeds or even needles, as acupuncture uses the same point charts as acupressure. The suave pressure exerted by a pair of neodymium magnets on the right points is enhanced by a subtle magnetic vibration. B&B simple and practical design allows users to effectively treat acupressure points firmly and continuously, something that is not possible with fingers, and it has a clean, fashion look, in sharp contrast with needles or seeds kept on points by medical adhesives.

Acupuncture, acupressure and magnetic acupressure compared

2 – How to locate with precision the acupressure point on which to apply Bright & Balanced devices?

Start with the description, pictures and graphics depicting the location of these points. Then you can apply pressure with the pulp of your thumb or index finger around it to help locate it more accurately. Pivotal acupressure points usually feel sensitive and tender to the touch. With acupressure and our magnetic devices you don’t need to be concerned about the exact location of a point. The surface area on the skin that allows you to work on a given point is about the size of a silver dollar, or the width of three fingers.

3 – How to adjust bands and anklets?

It is important that the silicone band is not loose. It must be firmly attached to the forearm or ankle, with the magnet exerting a slight pressure on the intended point. As the exact location is not crucial, you may adjust the position of the band until it feels firm. As we offer 3 band sizes, it is important that you accurately measure the circumference of your arm and ankle around the ideal points before choosing the best size for you.

4 – Can I sleep with Bright & Balanced devices?

As the neodymium magnets are really strong, it’s not advisable to sleep or use them in a situation where you have no control of your body, at least until you get familiar with your device and its surroundings. For example, if you have metal elements in your bed, they can inadvertantly attract the magnet if you’re not in control. Same advice is valid for using them in cars or around metal elements. In most situations the attraction between the 2 magnets on each piece is far stronger than the attraction between a piece of metal and the device, but acting carefully is never too much. When using MAB (Magnetic Acupressure Band) against insomnia, we recommend wearing the band for at least 3 hours prior to bedtime and taking it off before falling asleep, as its effect is slow and subtle, but solid. Nevertheless, if you happen to fall asleep wearing MAB, there’s no need to worry. Just take it off when you wake up.

5 – If my ear hurts while using MAP (Magnetic Acupressure Pin), should I insist?

Never insist or endure pain or any kind of discomfort while using MAP or any other Bright & Balanced device. It’s not important to wear it for hours in a row. For example, if the silicone band feels tight around your arm or anklet after a while, take it off.

6 – Does it make any difference what side of the body I choose to apply B&B devices?

No. You can use either side, or even alternate them.

7 – Can I use B&B devices on acupressure points different from the ones recommended in the instructions?

Yes. You are welcome to research and experiment with any acupressure point that can be reached or have our devices applied to. In the special case of treating insomnia, there is an option between 2 contiguous points and the space between them. Feel free to try and create your personal routine, and pay attention to the results. You are also welcome to share your experience on our website.

8 – Can I use the same magnets in different devices?

As long as the magnets are the same size — for instance, with MAB and AMA — you can alternate the magnets between 2 devices, using the same couple of magnets with different sizes of bands. Bands are sold separately to allow this. Exceptionally, you can use an extra magnet, even a larger one — i.e., the MOWS magnet — on the inside of the band, to exert pressure on a particular point in case you cannot come up with the perfect band size for you.

MAPs are tiny. When taking out MAP from your ear always hold each magnet in a different hand between the thumb and the index finger, and immediately place both magnets together on the box lid or inside the box, to avoid losing it.

9 – Are neodymium magnets different from regular magnets, like fridge magnets?

Yes. These magnets are “rare-earth” magnets, which are very strong, with an enhanced magnetic power. Developed in the 1970s and ’80s, rareearth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets ever made, producing significantly stronger magnetic fields than other types such as ferrite or alnico magnets. These materials have the potential for storing large amounts of magnetic energy (Wikipedia). B&B’s magnets are nickel-coated, epoxy-coated or plastic-coated. Treat them with care and avoid letting the magnets clash into each other with too much force, since they are relatively fragile and can break. When taking the magnets out of the band, or glass, or cream jar, always displace both magnets at the same time sliding them in different directions.


10 – Any last minute recommendations?

Be aware at all times that you are wearing strong magnets, which can and will be attracted to metal parts, i.e. supermarket carts and metal doors.

Not recommended for pacemaker users.

Keep away from children, especially regarding MAPs (Magnetic Acupressure Pins), which are small and can be swallowed. Neodymium magnets are detrimental to your health if swallowed and can damage internal organs. Therefore, always keep pieces that are not in use inside the metal box and out of reach.

Pregnant women must use with caution. Never apply AMA (Acupressure Magnetic Anklets), since the San Yin Jiao point can induce labor.

11 –  How can we get in touch with B&B in case of doubt?

We are here to help. Feel free to email us at contact at kbrdigital dot com.

Bright & Balanced is a trademark in the process of being registered with USPTO; it belongs to KBR Digital Publishers LLC, a company proudly owned by a legal immigrant woman.

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