The B&B “Stress Quartet”

The Bright & Balanced acupressure & magnetic system is designed to help you achieve balance and harmony using four main acupressure points that treat depression, stress, addiction, insomnia and sexual imbalances.

Use B&B magnetic ear pins, bracelets and anklets to exert pressure and apply energy on these special points and achieve an inner tranquility highly beneficial to your life.

In general, these acupressure points feel tender and sensitive to the touch. Go to the appointed location and try to identify them by feeling the skin with a gentle pressure.

Shen Men

MAP – Shen Men

Shen Men, located in the triangular fossa, is the most popular point in ear acupressure techniques. It is a Master Point — Master Points are points that always electrically active. It is also known as Divine Gate, and it is so powerful that it treats almost everything that keeps you from achieving happiness and balance, such as stress, anxiety, depression and addiction.


MAB – Neiguan

Located three fingers above the wrist crease, on the inner forearm, this point is also known as the Inner Gate. It is effective to treat nausea, depression, anxiety, stress and irritability. It has a general soothing effect, and it also helps achieve a better sleep and better memory.


MAB – Waiguan

Located in the position diametrically opposed to Neiguan, Waiguan is also known as the Outer Gate. It brings mental clarity and is effective in treating headaches and migraines. It calms the spirit and brings a general sensation of joy. It is also effective in the treatment of colds, constipation, finger pain and hand tremor.

San Yin Jiao

AMA – San Yin Jiao

Also known as Three Yin Intersection, this special point is located four fingers above the tip of the ankle bone, on the back of the shin bone. It is effective in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and severe depression, and especially recommended for sexual imbalances and lack of desire. It has a relaxing effect, helps digestion and alleviates too much fear, worrying and thinking. It is a vital point in acupressure, and it MUST NOT BE USED IN PREGNANT WOMEN, because it may induce labor.