The Author


Noga Sklar was born in Tiberias, Israel, in 1952. She grew up in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and lived for 30 years in Rio de Janeiro, a city she left behind to take refuge with her husband Alan in a paradise among the mountains of Petropolis. Despite the many moves and the growing universality of her themes, she definitely remains a writer from Minas Gerais.
She graduated in architecture from Universidade Santa Úrsula, Rio de Janeiro, but in her youth was better known as a furniture designer and graphic artist. She started to dedicate herself to literature after publishing her first book, in the year 2000 — Fases da Lua, by Editora Madras, republished later by KBR as Eu, xamã — in which she recounts her experiences as a shaman and a New Age activist. It was the beginning of her original style, “self radiography”, better advertised as “autobiographical fiction”, a genre that she practices until today.

She met her current husband Alan Sklar on the internet in 2004, through the American Jewish dating site JDate. This meeting gave new impetus to her life and literary career. Based on their actual interactions online and the e-mails the couple exchanged, she wrote her novel Sem graus de separação, first published in 2006 by Editora Giz under the name Hierosgamos – diário de uma sedução and republished later by KBR. In addition to a strong sexual content, the book also has a remarkable Jewish component, having been dubbed by the writer and psychoanalyst Ana Cecilia Carvalho a modern “Song of Songs”.

Hierosgamos was followed by the books of chronicles Santa Molly (um diário de bordo de Ulysses, de James Joyce) — first published by Ibis Libris under the name O gozo de Ulysses — and Hoje eu não quero chorar, her first book originally published by KBR.

Noga and her husband Alan founded KBR, the Brazilian pioneer in e-book publishing, in 2009, soon after they moved to their house in Petropolis. What began as a personal adventure became the leading company in the Brazilian market of e-books, before any virtual bookstore was established in Brazil. Having published the first Brazilian e-book (, a bilingual book of poems by Thereza Rocque da Motta, Noga was crucial in this process; and KBR remains today as the leader of the segment in Amazon Brazil, where the company made several best sellers. As an editor and publisher, Noga still takes personal care of her company, now with a growing catalog of more than 200 titles in various segments, notably chronicles and Psychology, a subject in which she has specialized, keeping ties with the Academia.

Throughout her career, Noga established herself as a chronicler, and can be considered one of the writers responsible for the revival of the genre in Brazil. KBR maintains a successful weekly electronic magazine, having published up to 2015 more than 100 issues on Amazon, the Singles K series, and has been active in the creation of a portfolio of new writers. In her own literary work, she created a new routine of publication, publishing weekly chronicles since 2006, texts that go well beyond autobiographical, where she analyzes with humor and acid criticism the main events in Brazil and in the world, with a strong political bias. Her subject matter is the woman, often the Jewish woman, inserted in the contemporary daily life with all its demands and nuances.

Noga’s chronicles are gathered once a year in a volume published by KBR; and so she became engaged in a permanent author “auto saga” which in 2015 already has 10 published volumes. In 2016 she published her first books translated into English by herself, among them the novel No degrees of separation, originally written in English when she exchanged online messages with Alan, an American born in Boston. Her unique translations, using current expressions and reproducing the cultural modes of the United States, often offers a fresh verve, differing from the Portuguese original and constituting an entirely new piece. Other published books in English are Welcome to America and Tough Love.

She currently lives with her husband Alan Sklar in Greenville, South Carolina, having left Brazil in October 2014.



No Tough Love, 2017
Degrees of Separation, 2016
Welcome to America, chronicles, 2015


Eu, Xamã, essays, KBR, 2008
O pomar da Timóteo da Costa, essays, KBR, 2008
Um Kindle pra chamar de meu, chronicles, KBR, 2009
Luau Americano, chronicles, KBR, 2009
Dois, meia, meia (profissão: escritor, crítico, redator), chronicles, digital edition KBR, 2010
Hoje não quero chorar, chronicles, KBR, 2010
Santa Molly, chronicles, KBR, 2012
Sem essa, aranha, chronicles, KBR, 2012
Sem graus de separação, novel, KBR, 2012
Autorradiografia, chronicles, KBR, 2013
Kortaki, a technical manual of e-book conversion, KBR, 2013
Na poltrona do editor, chronicles, KBR, 2014
PT, saudações, chronicles, KBR, 2015
Welcome to America, chronicles, KBR, 2016
Amor, duro amor, chronicles, KBR, 2017


Source: Dicionário de Escritores Judeus Brasileiros